It's hard to know where to begin!  There are so many new, modified, and enhanced things in this version of messiah that it's practically a new program.  For starters, before any new features were put in, we listened to all of you and fixed bugs, and, more importantly, modified and enhanced the existing features to make them better and easier to work with.  For example, a lot of work was done on the Dope Sheet and Shader Flow (for those of you with messiah:studio).  When you first run this version, the changes might not be very apparent, but the more you use it, the more you'll be surprised (unless, of course, you thoroughly read this list and the rest of the docs like you should. )

Here is a spotlight of the key new and updated features:  (Use the Back button to get back here if you click on any of the links.)

messiah:animate 5.0a  &  messiah:studio 2.0a  (Click here for 5.0b and 2.0b)

New & Enhanced  Effects/Effects Tools:

New & Enhanced Features:

messiah:studio Only:


Notes for messiah:animate 5.0b and messiah:studio 2.0b:


What follows here is the "one-liner" rev notes with all of the new stuff and enhancements.  It's a very long list, but it's a good idea to look over the whole thing at least once if you've already used messiah before.  The first couple of sections (a & b) deal with the renderer, so if you are a messiah:animate user and want to skip that stuff, click here.


Features & Modifications

a. Render
b. Render->Materials->ShaderFlow
c. New Tools & Tool Modifications
d. New Effects & Effect Modifications
e. Customize->OnionSkin
f. Setup->Groups
g. OpenGL Drawing
h. World Menu
i. ColorPicker Control: standard color control for use throughout the program.  
j. DopeSheet & DopeMaster
k. Weight Draw List
l. Setup->Armature
m. Item Lists
n. MotionDynamics: collision radius default = 0.01
o. World Views
p. Graph
q. Transform Key Range
r. Copy Key Range
s. Key/Range Edit Panels
t. Compose
u. Channel Group Editing Modes
v. Commands & Functions
w. Image Control
x. BVH to MotionClip
y. Animate Immediate mode (Animate menu)
Select an object with the left mouse button & drag immediately.
z. New Coordinate System - (fully operational now)
aa. Tablet Support
ab. Pose -  A System for Creating & Pasting Poses (World Menu) - (Experimental)
ac. Selection Parameter Edit/Undo
ad. Transport & Playback
ae. MidGray GUI Style
af. Image Data Formatting
ag. Customize->Wave Audio
ah. Config & Path
ai. Command->Expression
aj. Setup->New Item
ak. Play->Animation Preview

a. Render
b. Spotlight channels are now accessible from world view
c. Procedural resolution controls now update
d. Oscillate motion end behavior repeats properly with clip instances
e. Performing motion editing ops that result in "no motion" will no longer cause a crash
f. Copy Key Range->Use Hierarchies now updates properly when the interface is activated
g. Cells in the dopesheet no longer change when selecting one of multiple selected rows
h. Setup->Groups & RenderMode interfaces update properly when loading/clearing scenes
i. JPEGs that originate from digital cameras load properly
j. Animation playback is no longer affected by excessive keys
k. 16 bit grayscale images load properly
l. the 'unknown field tags' message that appears with some tiffs has been eliminated
m. Fixed crash when using Connected/All for Curve weights
n. ClipInstTime now functions properly
o. Drag Handle action no longer requires that you first use the edit sphere
p. Copyied procedurals and other types retains drawmodes
q. Sliders channels reset when using Reset All
r. Channel group settings update when Edit->Key/Frame is active
s. Layered objects are cloned properly
t. Replaced objects that have texture maps now draw properly
u. Changing the bypass on multiple selected Compose items now functions properly
v. Erase Range no longer crashes when editing a single channel
w. Crash when scaling curve points
x. Edit tcb on multiple keys that where directly selected
y. Dragging multiple selected cells in the dopesheet is fixed

Features & Modifications
- fxCC_ColorPicker & fxCR_ColorPicker (see messiah_gui.h for details)
- fxKeyExists
- fxKeyTimeGet
- fxKeyFrameGet
- fxGroupPrimarySet
- fxMeshPointWeight
- fxPluginPath - get your plugin's path
- fxConParam
- Greater protection against memory offsets when doing fxConArgSet/Get
- new base type: FX_VectorF
- alpha added to shader_globals
- spot_size, spot_aspect added to shader_globals (u_off and v_off removed)
- "Done" shader callback can now be set and is called.  Macro added to shader.h
- Get object info from shader globals
- Image Filters are now called
- Illumination funcs
- Ray tracing/casting funcs
- Image Filter funcs
- Light funcs
- Skeleton funcs
- Weight Tool Module
Weight Tool Module funcs
- messiah_utility.h
- fxCC/CR_DragFloat/DragInt params now function properly
- messiah_math.h fixes and additions.
- fxEffectCreate receives the proper params, and will name the effects properly
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