Messiah supports tablets, such as those made by Wacom.  Tablets are especially useful with Animate Immediate and OnionSkin; it makes for a very fluid workflow.


Because tablets operate in absolute coordinates (when in Pen mode), the view navigation controls can be difficult to use.  This is not a bug or a problem with a system, and nothing really can be done about this behavior.  However, you shouldn't use the view navigation controls; you should use the world navigation hotkeys instead:



ALT-Left Mouse Button rotates the view in the X (Pitch) and Y (Heading) axes.

ALT-Right Mouse Button rotates on the Z axis (Bank)



CTRL-ALT-Left Mouse Button moves the view on X and Z.

CTRL-ALT-Right Mouse Button moves on X and Y.



SHIFT-ALT-Left Mouse Button zooms in and out.

SHIFT-ALT-Right Mouse Button dollies in and out.


Some users like to use their tablet in Mouse mode instead of Pen mode.  In this case, you'll find that the tablet doesn't function properly with messiah.  However, there is a quick solution:  Go to CustomizeKeyCommand Manager and look for the Inupt commands in the Interface command class.  Just double-click on the command that currently reflects your preferred mode.  You'll only need to do this once since the option is stored to your config.

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