The following list of functions is broken down into groups of related functionality.

messiah automatically generates a file called function_list.txt each time it starts up. This file is located in your tempdir/messiah directory and contains all functions currently loaded in messiah along with brief descriptions. Since some functions might be added at the last minute after the docs are updated this file is the best place to get up-to-date information.

Interface Configuration Functions:
     int ConfigureInterface  (int, int)  
     int DopeSheetOn  ( )  
     int DopeSheetOff  ( )  
     int DopeSheetToggle  ( )  
     int IsDopeSheet( )  
     int DopeMasterOn  ( )  
     int DopeMasterOff  ( )  
     int DopeMasterToggle  ( )  
     int IsDopeMaster( )  
     double GetCurrentView  () 
     int SetCurrentView  (string) 
     VecD3 GetViewMove  (string) 
     VecD3 GetViewRotate  (string) 
     double GetViewZoom  (string) 
     double SetViewGridSize  (string, double) 
     int SetViewMove  (string, double, double, double) 
     int SetViewRotate  (string, double, double, double) 
     int SetViewZoom  (string, double) 

Navigation Functions:

     int ItemSwap  ( )  
     int ItemSelectPrevious  ( )  
     int ItemSelectNext  ( )  
     int FrameSelectPrevious  ( )  
     int FrameSelectNext  ( )  
     int KeySelectPrevious  ( )  
     int KeySelectNext  ( )  
     int ChannelSelect  (channel)  
     int ChannelGroupSelect  ( )  
     int ChannelGroupCycle  ( )  
     int SetCurrentMode  (string, int)  
     int MultiEditOn  ( )  
     int MultiEditOff  ( )  
     int MultiEditToggle  ( )  
     int SetCoordinateSystem  (int)  
     int UseNewCoordinateSystem  (int)  
     int ToggleNewCoordinateSystem  ( )  

Shading Functions:

     arbitrary GetInput  (object, void, int) 
     VecF4 GetInputColor  (object, void, int) 
     double GetInputFloat  (object, void, int)
     int GetInputInt  (object, void, int) 
     VecD3 GetInputVec  (object, void, int) 
     void GetInputVoid  (object, void, int) 
     arbitrary GetSHGlobal  (void, int) 
     VecF4 GetSHGlobalColor  (void, int)
     double GetSHGlobalFloat  (void, int) 
     int GetSHGlobalInt  (void, int)
     VecD3 GetSHGlobalVec  (void, int) 
     void GetSHGlobalVoid  ((void, int) 
     double SetOutput (object, void, int, arbitrary) 

Motion Edit Functions:
     double SetKeyValue  (object, int, channel, double)
     double GetKeyValue  (object, int, channel)
     double NumKeys  (object)
     double KeyExists  (object, frame)
     double GetSetupValue  (object, channel)  
     double SetSetupValue  (object, channel, double, int)  
     double GetPrevModValue  (object, channel)  
     double GetPrevWorldValue  (object, channel)  
     int GetChannelVisibility  (object, channel)  
     int HideChannel  (object, channel)  
     int ShowChannel  (object, channel)  

Constraint Functions:
     double KneeConstraint  (object, object, object, int)
     double Target  (object, object)
     double TargetTime  (object, object, time, object)
     double LockedGoal  (object, object, int)
     double MoveTo  (object, object, int)
     double LockToGoal  (object, object, object, int)
     double Align  (object, object, int)
     double RelativeTo  (object, object, channel)

IK Functions:
     double IK2D  (object, object, object, int, int)
     double IKTel  (object, object, object, int, int)
     double IKAlign  (object, object, object, int)
     double IKStiff  (object, channel, double)

Motion Functions:
     double MotionBlend  (object, object, frame, frame, channel, double)
     double KeyFader  (object, frame, frame, channel, double)
     double CopyChan  (object, object, string, string)

Muscle Functions:
     double Muscle  (object, object, double, double)

Constant Functions:
     double abs  (double)
     double acos  (double)
     double asin  (double)
     double atan  (double)
     double atan2  (double, double)
     double ceil  (double)
     double cos  (double)
     double cosh  (double)
     double exp  (double)
     double fact  (int)
     double floor  (double)
     double ln  (double)
     double log  (double)
     double sgn  (double)
     double sin  (double)
     double sinh  (double)
     double sqrt  (double)
     double tan  (double)
     double tanh  (double)
     double pow  (double, double)

Control Functions:
     double Follow  (object, object, channel, double)
     double FollowFrame  (object, object, channel, double)
     double Cycle  (object, channel, object, channel, double)
     double CycleParam  (object, channel, double)
     double CycleFrame  (object, channel, frame)
     double CycleBranchParam  (object, channel, double)
     double CycleBranchFrame  (object, channel, frame)
     double CycleBranchMorphFrame  (object, object, channel, frame, double)
     double CycleBranchMorphParam  (object, object, channel, double, double)
     double CycleBranchMorphAddFrame  (object, object, channel, frame, double)
     double CycleBranchMorphAddParam  (object, object, channel, double, double)
     double InheritRoot  (object, object, channel, double, double)
     double InheritEnd  (object, object, channel, double, double)
     double ChainWave  (object, object, channel, double, double, double)
     double MirrorRadial  (object, frame, int)
     double DynamicParent  (object, object, object, double, double)
     double AlignLinearRel  (object, object, object, double, double)
     double AlignLinearAbs  (object, object, object, double, double)
     double AlignTriAbs  (object, object, object, object, double, double, double, double)
     double AlignTriRel  (object, object, object, object, double, double, double, double)
     double AlignQuadAbs  (object, object, object, object, object, double, double, double, double)
     double AlignQuadRel  (object, object, object, object, object, double, double, double, double)

Object Functions:
     double ObjDim  (object, channel)
     object GetObject  (string)
     object GetFirstObject  ( ) 
     object GetFirstObj  ( ) 
     object CurObj  ( )
     object GetChildObj  (object)
     object GetNextObj  (object) 
     object GetPrevObj  (object) 
     object GetParentObj  (object) 
     object GetMasterObj  (object) 
     object GetFirstSubtool  (object) 
     object GetNextSubtool  (object, object) 
     object GetPrevSubtool  (object, object) 
     int GetNumSelectedObjs  ( ) 
     object GetFirstSelectedObj  ( ) 
     object GetNextSelectedObj  (object) 
     object GetPrevSelectedObj  (object) 
     object GetLastSelectedObj  ( ) 
     string GetObjType  (object) 
     int IsSelectedObj  (object) 
     int IsCurObj  (object) 
     int IsTypeObj  (object, string) 
     int IsSubtoolObj  (object) 

Path Functions:
     double PathLength  (object)
     double PathSegment  (object, frame, frame)
     double PathSoFar  (object, frame)
     double PathToGo  (object, frame)
     double PathFramesToGo  (object, frame)
     double PathFrames  (object)
     double PathLengthToFrame  (object, double)

Speed Functions:
     double Acceleration  (object, frame, double)
     double AccelerationSum  (object, frame, frame, double)
     double Speed  (object, frame, double)

Standard Functions:
     double DTOR  ( )
     double RTOD  ( )
     double pi  ( )
     double pi2  ( )
     double sq  (double)
     double NOW  ( )
     double YES  ( )
     double NO  ( )
     double IN  ( )
     double OUT  ( )
     double Rand  (double, double)
     double FPS  ( )
     double SPF  ( )
     double FrameToTime  (double)
     double TimeToFrame  (double)
     double Noise  (double, double, double)
     double min  (double, double)
     double max  (double, double)
     double oldif  (int, double, double)
     double cond  (int, double, double)
     double motchan  (object, arbitrary, time)
     int chanindex  (object, string)
     int PostMessage  (string)
     int PostWarning  (string)
     int PostError  (string)
     double PlayStatus  ( )
     double Clamp  (double, double, double)
     double Smoothstep  (double, double, double)
     double PercentRange  (double, double, double)
     double PercentStep  (double, double, double)
     double BitsToValue  (string)

Vector Functions:
     double Diff  (object, object, channel, frame, frame)
     double Dist  (object, object, frame, frame)
     double WDist  (object, object, frame, frame)
     double Fly  (object, frame, frame)
     double SetLocalChannel  (object, channel, double)
     double Angle  (object, frame)
     double AngleW  (object, frame)
     double AngleBetween  (object, object, frame, frame)
     double AngleBetweenW  (object, object, frame, frame)
     double AngleBetweenTri  (object, object, object, frame, frame, frame)
     double WeightValue  (object, double, double, double) 

Particle Functions:
     double SetPartcle_FDense  (object, double)
     double SetPartcle_Damping  (object, double)
     double SetPartcle_GWeight  (object, double)
     double SetPartcle_STime  (object, double)
     double SetPartcle_SCorrect  (object, int)
     double SetPartcle_Samples  (object, int)
     double SetPartcle_IPressure  (object, double)

Melt Functions:
     double GetThickness  (object)
     double GetBlendRadius  (object)
     double GetBlendSpread  (object)
     double SetThickness  (object, double)
     double SetBlendRadius  (object, double)
     double SetBlendSpread  (object, double)

Soft Body Dynamics Functions:
     double SetSoft_FDense  (object, double)
     double SetSoft_Damping  (object, double)
     double SetSoft_MaxStretch  (object, double)
     double SetSoft_MaxCompress  (object, double)
     double SetSoft_Struct  (object, double)
     double SetSoft_Shear  (object, double)
     double SetSoft_Flex  (object, double)
     double SetSoft_GWeight  (object, double)
     double SetSoft_STime  (object, double)
     double SetSoft_RTime  (object, double)
     double SetSoft_SCorrect  (object, int)
     double SetSoft_Samples  (object, int)
     double SetSoft_IPressure  (object, double)

MetaEffector Functions:

     double SetMEffectorMax  (object, double) 
     double SetMEffectorMin  (object, double) 
     double SetMEffectorPolarity  (object, int) 
     double SetMEffectorScaleMinMax  (object, int) 
     double SetMEffectorType  (object, int) 
     double SetMEffectorUseMax  (object, int) 
     double SetMEffectorUseMin  (object, int) 

Skeleton Functions:

     object BoneWeightGet  (object) 
     int BoneWeightSet  (object, object, int) 

Curve Functions:

     double GetCurveLength  (object)
     double MoveToCurveLength  (object, object, double, double)
     double MoveToCurveParam  (object, object, double, double)

MetaNURBS Functions:
     double MNURBSwitch  (object, int)
     double MNURBSetSublevel  (object, int)
     double MNURBSetCage  (object, int)
     double MNURBSetSurface  (object, int)
     int MNURBSToggle  (object)  

File Mode Functions:
     double LoadScene  (string, string)
     double SaveScene  (string)
     double search  (string)

Setup Library Functions:
     object CreateTool  (string, string, int, int)

Wave Audio Functions:
     double AudioLoad  (string)
     double AudioClose  ( )
     double AudioOn  ( )
     double AudioOff  ( )
     double AudioDraw  (int)
     double AudioDrawBrightness  (int)

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