Output  -  P r e v i e w

Preview(pulldown):  Select between a preview Window that will open up to display the render, or Viewport, which will render the image over the camera's view right in the viewport.  Note:  When using the Viewport setting, right-click in the World View to stop the rendering or remove the finished render.  When using the Window setting, you can stop the render by pressing F9 (which is how you start the render too), or by clicking the close gadget on the top right of the window (the x).

 Progress:  Turn this on to watch the render as it progresses.  What could be more fun than this?

Save Preview Image:  Turn this on to have the preview image saved into the Temp folder (see the bottom of the Buffers block).  Note:  When Save Preview Image is on, and the Preview type is set to Window, you can right-click on the finished image to cycle through the Color, Alpha, and Depth buffers.

Use Viewport Resolution:  When rendering to the Viewport you can turn this on to override the image's actual resolution and have it render to the size of the viewport.  The image will always scale to the size of the viewport, stretching or compressing to do so, but, for example if your image size is set to 320x240 but the viewport is significantly bigger, which it usually is, the 320x240 image will get scaled up a lot and might not look very good.

Be aware that this feature usually affects the render time.  That's because if your image resolution is set to something small but the viewport is big, it will naturally take longer to render at the viewport's resolution.  Likewise, if your image resolution is set to something very big but your veiwport is smaller (and this feature is turned on) it will render faster.

Show Viewport Scale: Turn this on to see a readout of what the scale of the image is in the viewport.  This is handy so you have a quick way of knowing whether you are looking at a scaled-up or scaled-down image.  It will update in real-time too, so if you drag the Motion Graph up or down you will see the image and the scale get adjusted.

Scale (pulldown): Scales the Viewport render.

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