Output  -  R e s o l u t i o n

This block is where you set the output size for your renders.

Resolution Presets Pulldown:  Choose one of the common film and television resolution formats here or choose Custom.  The window at the bottom of this block displays the exact settings.

Scale:  This will adjust the size of the render, making it bigger or smaller.  If your final output is large, like the 2k format in the image above, you might want to set the scale down to 50% or 25% to do some test renders, such as for motion tests.  That will make the renders go faster.  Of course if you are doing a test render to check the lighting or textures you would want it to be full scale, so you would set it back to 100%.  If your final renders are something small, like 320x240, you might want to do some test renders bigger so you can see the textures easier or to print out.

Width/Height: Set the width and height of the image when the resolution preset is set to Custom.  The format here is pixels.

Pixel Aspect:  This sets the aspect ratio of the pixels themselves.  For most (if not all) non-television renders this should be set at 1.0, which is square pixels.  The different television settings, such as NTSC and PAL have non-square pixels.  But then again we all knew that television was stupid.

Limited Region: Sometimes, such as when you are fine-tuning the lighting or shaders you only need to see a portion of the image.  For example if you are working a character's face you probably don't need to render the whole image.  Turning on Limited Region will let pick a custom portion of the image to render, and of course that means it will render faster than if it had to render the whole image.

Top, Left, Bottom, Right:  Use these numeric fields to set the Limited Region window, or adjust them in the viewport by holding CTRL while dragging the corners.  Hold CTRL while dragging in the middle of the Limited Region to move the whole thing.

Lock: This feature is not active yet.

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