Items  -  V a l u e s   (Regular Slider selected)

This block appears when you have a regular Slider selected in the Item List.

To rename the channels, just click into the text field and type in the name you want to use.  Keep in mind that spaces and certain other characters (such as @, -,  #, $, %, +, *, /, [, ]),  etc.) are not allowed.  So, rather than type:  Left Hand Open   use  LeftHandOpen  or Left_Hand_Open.

The left column shows the channel numbers.  The next column (the circles) are the Key Modifier buttons.  Next are the channel names.

The Minimum/Maximum section in the right is not active yet but will be activated in a future version.

Additional Information:
block on the Animate tab, click hereGeneral Info - Sliders click here.

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