V a l u e s

Note: This panel appears when you have a slider selected in the Item List.

Key:  Moves through the existing keyframe numbers. Enter a number in the entry field to go to a specific key or use the arrows to scroll through.   Note: This is not referring to the frame number, but rather whether it's the first keyframe, second keyframe, etc.  For example, the first keyframe might be on frame 0, and the second keyframe might be on frame 65.

Frame:  Displays the frame number that a keyframe is on.  Also, you can type a number in here to change the actual frame that a keyframe is on.  For example, lets say you have keyframe #2 and it's on frame 33.  Just type in 52 and now keyframe #2 will be on frame 52.  It's a really fast way to accurately move a keyframe.  In the illustration above, keyframe #10 is on frame 26.

Channels:  The group of columns on the left are:
Channels (xpos, ypos, etc.).  If you change the name of the slider channel (such as Bob_Smile) it will show up here.
Channel numbers (0, 1, 2, etc.)
 Key Modifier buttons
Numeric settings for the current keyframe (0.63, 0, 0, etc.)

In the sample image above, channel xpos is set to 0.63 and nearly all of the others are set to 0.

MinMax settings: This group on the right side of the block is where you set your minimum and maximum allowable values.  Using these settings, you can set a slider so it will only operate between two values.

Show MinMax in World: Turn this on to see your Min/Max limits in the World View (viewports).

Miscellaneous Info:

Additional Information:
block on the Setup tab, click here.
section in General Info, click here.

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