These are the current default keyboard shortcuts.   See KeyCommand Manager to learn about customizing them.



F1 No List
F2 Standard List Size
F3 Double-Wide List
F4 Triple-Wide List
F5 Palette On/Off
F6 Dope Sheet On/Off
F7 Recompile All Scripts
F9 Render (m:studio only)
F12 Connect To Host


Center current item in World View (viewport)


Key Range Distort

e Multi-Edit On/Off
h Command Tab
k Key/Frame Editing Panel
m Compose Tab
n Animate Tab
q Quad View On/Off
r Setup Mode
t Key Range Transform Panel
w Double View On/Off
0 Cycle Channel Groups
1 Select Channel xpos
2 Select Channel ypos
3 Select Channel zpos
4 Select Channel heading
5 Select Channel pitch
6 Select Channel bank
7 Select Channel xscale
8 Select Channel yscale
9 Select Channel zscale
[ Decrease Grid Units
] Increase Grid Units
\ Move Panel
- Decrease Grid Size
= Increase Grid Size
` Select Channel Group
Tab MetaNURBS On/Off
Enter Create Key Panel
Space Activate Frame Control
Delete Delete Key Panel
Arrow Left Back 1 Frame Step (depends on Step setting)
Arrow Up Select Previous Item In List
Arrow Right Forward 1 Frame Step  (depends on Step setting)
Arrow Down Select Next Item In List
Numeric Pad  0 Load View Preset 1
Numeric Pad  1 Load View Preset 2
Numeric Pad  2 Load View Preset 3
Numeric Pad  3 Load View Preset 4
Numeric Pad  4 Load View Preset 5
Numeric Pad  5 Load View Preset 6
Numeric Pad  6 Load View Preset 7
Numeric Pad  7 Load View Preset 8
Numeric Pad  8 Load View Preset 9
Numeric Pad  9 Load View Preset 10
Numeric Pad  / Mirror selected (including hierarchy)

Numeric Pad  *

Animate tab: Copy selected (including hierarchy)
Command tab: Copy variable (expression)

Numeric Pad  -

Delete current item

SHIFT F6 DopeMaster On/Off
SHIFT [ Decrease Edit Sphere Size
SHIFT ] Increase Edit Sphere Size
SHIFT - Decrease Sub Grid Size
SHIFT = Increase Sub Grid Size
SHIFT Enter Bake Range Panel
SHIFT Delete Erase Range Panel
ESC Hide/Unhide Edit Sphere
SHIFT ESC Hide/Unhide Motion Path


Clear Scene

CTRL S Save Scene
CTRL Arrow Left Select Previous Key
CTRL Arrow Right Select Next Key
CTRL Numeric Pad 0 Store View Preset 1
CTRL Numeric Pad 1 Store View Preset 2
CTRL Numeric Pad 2 Store View Preset 3
CTRL Numeric Pad 3 Store View Preset 4
CTRL Numeric Pad 4 Store View Preset 5
CTRL Numeric Pad 5 Store View Preset 6
CTRL Numeric Pad 6 Store View Preset 7
CTRL Numeric Pad 7 Store View Preset 8
CTRL Numeric Pad 8 Store View Preset 9

CTRL Numeric Pad 9

Store View Preset 10



ALT  Drag

Rotate Perspective View (LMB= Heading, Pitch  RMB= Bank)

ALT   CTRL  Drag

Move World View  (LMB & RMB)


Zoom the World View

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