Items  -  M e t a N U R B S

MetaNURBS® is the name of messiah's unique and powerful subdivision surface system.   MetaNURBS® allows you to animate with low-polygon objects (for interactivity speed)  but have them render at higher resolution so they look better and smoother.  Objects must not have polygons with more than 4 points in order to be MetaNURBS-capable.  To turn on MetaNURBS® for an object, select it and press the TAB key.

Subdivision Level: Setting for the subdivision level of the polygons.  A setting of 3 (the default) will turn each polygon into 9 polygons (3x3=9).  A setting of 2 will turn each polygon into 4.  Naturally, this setting can have some effect on the speed that your animations will play at in messiah.  Note for messiah:studio:  MetaNURBS uses the Sub-Level control in RenderSurfaces on the Object block (in the extended area; F3).   This allows you to set the sublevel for rending MetaNURBS  different from the setting that is used for displaying them during animating.  You can use either the Pre-Generated Polygons or Parametric (Low RAM) settings.  See Object block for more info.

Show Cage:  Turns the visibility of the low-res cage on or off.  The default is off.  (The low-res cage is the original points & polygons object before MetaNURBS®  is turned on.)

Show Surface: Turns the visibility of the MetaNURBS® surface on or off.  The default is on.

Only Draw At Render Time (messiah:studio): Turn this on so the MetaNURBS only happen when the object is rendered.  As you animate it you will not see the MetaNURBS.

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