This new version (2.4c for messiah:studio and 5.4c for messiah:animate) is a maintenance update that also contains several new features and modifications.  The list below will fill you in on what's new.



Features & Modifications

  • Autosave:  Multiple auto save files are possible now (up to 100, default is 10.)

  • Incremental Scene Saving:  Save fxs or mpj files incrementally.  The new scene will automatically be incremented by one, so if the original was myscene0001.fxs the new one will be myscene0002.fxs.

  • Object Sequence Loading Added To Dmorph:  The surfaces will remain the same as those of the base object you applied the dmorph to.  This is handy if you have an object, which has been textured in messiah.  When the object is replaced, the texturing will remain intact.

  • Particles:  Now able to choose NULLS in particle slave popup.

  • Particle Emitter: Now has visual guides for type (cone, box, plane).

  • Spot Light Cone can be seen when looking through the spot light as a view object.

  • Motion Graph now zooms with the current frame marker as the center, instead of the left edge of the graph.

  • Mouse Wheel zooms graph when cursor is over graph.  Graph view jumps to Current Frame marker.

  • Sliders:  min max can be set for the viewport sliders.

  • Global Illumination:  Reactivated GI lighting from transparent objects.

  • Editing Keys:  Inactive keys remain inactive, even after being moved in time and selection.


  • Fixed double armature load upon program start.

  • Material nodes will not be partially transparent any more obscuring the node text on certain graphics cards when they overlap.

  • Fixed the problem of the mat tray selecting the next material down, when you delete a shader from a material, and it's the only shader left.

  • Fixed the problem with making a gradient and going into the light block and when you double click a light the block would collapse.

  • The view no longer changes focus to the first view, when saving, or auto save is activated, and you're in a quad or double view.

  • Cylindrical map flipped on x fixed as well as the rotation assignment problem.

  • Material copy - connections to material inputs are preserved when a copy material happens.

  • Correct list item is selected after a delete of the last of it's child items.

  • Fix to self shadow from no cast shadows, and GI from transparent objects.

  • Fixed chunk files overwriting each other, when 2 messiahs are run on the same machine.

  • Fixed the background image not being scaled to the same fit, as the new viewport camera recticle fitting.

  • Image sequence texture color should behave properly now.


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