This new version (2.4b for messiah:studio and 5.4b for messiah:animate) is a maintenance update that also contains several  new features and modifications.  The list below will fill you in on what's new.


Note:  Due to some internal and beta team versions, 2.4b/5.4b is the next version after 2.2b/5.4b.


Features & Modifications

  • The camera recticle now adjusts so it doesn't get hidden behind the edges of the world view when the graph is all the way down or when in the F3 extended list area mode is active.

  • Added ability to fix the errors generated by Zbrush uv map displacement image data, where the data from shared polygon edges is written out with different values on the map, and ends up showing up as a crack in displacements.

  • Fixed .Obj object UV reading where some map points wouldn't be recognized.

  • Changed z_to_parent_length in bones so that when adjusting the bone length, the children are moved with the parent bone, relative to their position to the parent bone, instead of just snapping to the end of it.

  • Added "Frame Time" to the render display, which accounts for things like subdivision time, that may not be associated with the renderer's portion of the time.

  • Added better handling of mapping mouse move direction to bone length and range hot spot's direction, to lengthen and shorten.

  • Added saving of UV data to LWO or OBJ files if the loaded LWO or OBJ file contains UV data.

  • Added Maya 7.0 connection plug-in


  • New edit sphere:

    • Has options for customizable line thickness, and shaded sphere area.

    • Can grab anywhere on the lines or rings. Responds to the closest channel line, for faster grabbing.

    • Option to rotate based on mouse direction relative to the world orientation.

    • Option to set rotation limits for a drag while holding the shift key.

    • Option to highlight the potential channel that will be selected, on mouse over.

  • Materials:

    • Easy and powerful copy, paste, undo and Replace between materials, and still have all the surfaces that reference it intact.

  • Render:

    • Added saving of more buffers: ObjectID, Shadow, Normals etc, for use in compositing.

    • Diffuse and specular rendering changes its look based on the light size.

    • New translucency settings and improvements as well as translucency from shadow mapped spot lights.

    • Enhanced AA with super bright objects above 1.0.

    • Higher quality soft shadow settings through reflections.

    • New Fog, "Speed Hazer" plug-in.

  • Interface:

    • Color picker can switch between floating point color (0.0->1.0) or 8 bit (0->255) and now is the default for setting color in the material's interface.

    • Added a frame slider button with current frame indicator, for easier grabbing to scrub.

    • HDRI in texture map now has a popup choice between "Reflection map" and "Image light", and automatically defaults to "Image Light", if the light probe map type is chosen.

    • Menus are now double buffered to eliminate flicker when drawing on some graphics cards.

  • Particles:

    • New options for generating particles.

    • New options for controlling particles with expressions and plug-ins.

    • New vortex plugin that shows custom forces, modification of particle velocities and directions.

    • New particle render shader for fast volume smoke and dust effects.

  • File Formats:

    • Support of saving and loading (playing)  .mdd files through SaveMorphSequence and DMorph respectively.

    • Load and saving of 48 and 64bit tiff files (16bits per channel).

  • Fixes:

    •  When creating a number of objects in file->add_items they now will be numbered correctly when creating multiple items at once.

    • Processing flag now saves/loads properly for tracks in compose

    • The tooltip windows in the script palette now draw properly.

    • Fixed a problem when loading non-LWO objects as clusters.  This should also fix any other issues people were having with non LWO objects.

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