Minimum System requirements (messiah):


OS: Windows 2000, XP, NT (2000 & XP are preferred)

CPU: AMD, Intel, or compatible (the faster the better)

Open GL 1.2 fully compliant graphics card & driver

Screen Resolution: 800x600 16bit color  minimum

USB port

Disk Space: 10 megs

RAM: 128 megs (more is better)


Brain (yours or someone else's)

Sound card & Speakers (for audio work)


Very important: Make sure you have the most recent driver for your graphics card and that it's fully OpenGL 1.2 compliant.  Also, many people have reported that they get better results when set to 32 bit Full Color, as opposed to 16 bit.  So if you have a problem with the interface, check your bit depth.  On most Windows systems, just minimize all applications and right-click on the screen and select "Properties" from the menu, then choose "Settings".  You'll see the bit depth setting there, usually labeled as "Colors."


Minimum System requirements (documentation):


MPEG player (Microsoft Media Player recommended, 5.5 or better)

Quicktime  (Click here to get this free player)

Real Player  (Click here to get this free player then click on the "Free Real One Player" button or link)


Sound card & speakers (ears recommended)



Some Graphics Card Fixes:

Here are some fixes to problems to some specific graphics card issues (usually OpenGL related).



In the graphics driver, set all of the "custom settings" to highest quality and then set the "compatibility setting: Z-buffer depth to "force 16 bit".

Or, in the Advanced settings of the Radeon driver, choose MayaNT.


Driver version 4.2 will work solid.  ATI is aware of this problem and someone from their catalyst support team says it will be fixed in the next release; 4.6 or 4.7.


NVidia-Based Quadro

Go to the OpenGL Display Properties panel and change the Page Flipping mode to "Use block transfer" (the specific wording might be different, depending on the driver).  And turn off Enable "Back/Depth buffers".


NVidia-based GeForce FX5200

Reduce the display size from 1152x864 to 1024x768 (or less).


Elsa Synergy

Turn off "Use unified memory..." and "Enable overlay planes".

You can also try unchecking "Allow the dual planes extension to use local memory."

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