Surfaces  -  S u r f a c e

This block is where the basic attributes of the surface are set.

Render:  Turn this on to have this surface render.  You can also turn it on and off by clicking on the eye icon in the Surfaces List above.

Smooth: Turns smooth shading on and off.  When it is off, you'll see the faceting of the object's individual polygons when it renders, like a cut diamond.

Smoothing Angle: Sets the angle below which to polygons will be smoothed.  For example, if you set this to 89.5°, any polygons that meet at an angle of 89.5° or less will be smoothed together, but anything above that, like 90° will show a hard edge.

Double Sided:  By default, polygons are one-sided.  The "back" of them will not render.  Turn this onto make both sides render.  Use this with caution though, because it can increase render times.  Use only when necessary.

Wireframe:  Turn this on to have the object render as just a wireframe.

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