Scripting is a form of programming.  Typically scripting uses a "higher" level language to make it easier to use. While messiah:script is certainly a higher level language than C or C++ it still has a great deal of power.  Messiah:script is, like most scripting languages, an interpreted language (though it is compiled into byte code before execution).  This means that scripts will generally run slower than equivalent operations in a compiled plug-in created using messiah:develop.


That said, the ease of use of messiah:script makes it a practical alternative for the user without programming experience. For those with programming experience messiah:script can be a powerful prototyping tool before you commit yourself to an API version of your extension (in other words, before creating a "real" plug-in).

There will likely be two types of users that will be referring to this document: those with programming/scripting experience and those without.  For the benefit of each group, the topics here will be broken into two sections, the first giving a minimal but complete definition/syntax of the topic followed by another with a little more information for the new user.  This will also allow it to be used for quick reference once the user is familiar with the language.
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