Materials  -  W e i g h t S p o t

The WeightSpot provides an area for a shader to show upon.  It can be used for lots of interesting effects, such as materials that burn away.

PopupList (pulldown):  Use this pulldown list to select which weight field you want this WeightSpot to use.  For example, you can use MetaEffectors, Curves, etc.

Invert Weight:  Inverts the influence of the weight field.

Local Coordinates: Computes the effect in the local coordinates of the spot/surface/object rather than in World Coordinates.  When this is on, it will allow you to move the object around and not have to worry about where the weight influence items are.  It will look like they are moving with the object.

Note:  When you use WeightSpot and you need variations within the field, it may not be necessary to create multiple weight fields. Since you can use the output of WeightSpot with Gradients to design your field, you can use that same WeightSpot to control any number of other Gradients.  Furthermore, since you can add other shaders to those Gradients, you can create many variations.

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