Materials  -  C o l o r    C o r r e c t i o n

The Color Correction shader actually has a lot of uses besides what you'd expect when you think of color correction.  For example, you can use it to adjust the contrast of a bump map, or to remap colors for a Noise shader.

min/max:  Use these settings to remap or clamp the range for each of the settings.

Direct:  When this is on, the hue change will go directly from min to max without rotating through the spectrum like it usually would.

The bottom portion of the block has a unique function.  It lets you shift the colors to one specific color.  Choose a color with the color picker, then set the Pinch level.  This is what controls how much of the Pinch color to use.  Important:  When the Pinch level is at 1.0, it will completely override the Hue and Saturation settings.  Brightness and Contrast will still work.

Dither:  Dither translates the floating point data to 8bit data.

Sample Scene:
In the messiah_content\Scenes\Samples folder there is a scene called ColorCorrection_Shader_Sample.mpj.  In that scene, the ColorCorrection shader is applied to the Ball_1 material.  Try playing with some of the settings.  Just keep in mind that when Pinch is at 1.0 it will override any Hue and Saturation settings.

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