V a r i a b l e s

This block is where you create, copy and delete expressions.

File: Load, and Save expressions here.

New Variable: Creates a new expression.  An empty expression is created when you press this.  You can then use the other blocks to create and edit the actual expression.  Note:  You do not need to start by pressing this button.  You can just set up your expression on the Expression block and it will automatically create the variable when you apply the Function.

Readout Window:  The window in the middle of the block shows how many variables (expressions) are in your scene, as well as the name of the currently selected one.  Plus, it shows if there's a problem with the currently selected expression.

In the example pictured above, an item called null is mentioned in the expression but there is no such item in the scene, so messiah has reported the error. Note: The name of any expression in the Expressions List will be highlighted in red if there is an error in it.  So clicking on a red name in the list will make it show up here so you can see what's wrong.

Copy: Creates a duplicate of the currently selected expression (currently selected in the Expressions List, that is).  Copy is an extremely useful thing.  For example, lets say you have an expression that controls the left arm and you want one that will control the right arm.  Just copy the left arm's expression, then rename all of the items within it (like change the Left_UpperArm_Bone to Right_UpperArm_Bone) and now it will work for the other arm.

Delete: Deletes the currently selected expression (currently selected in the Expressions List, that is).

Delete All: Deletes all expressions in the scene.  A warning message will pop up to make sure you haven't pressed this by accident.

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