Items  -  V a l u e   (New Slider)

This block is visible when Value (green diamond) is selected in the Effects List.

New Slider: Press this button to create a new slider to be used with the

P Shift (Parameter Shift): After a Value Slider is created (generally for MotionBlender), you can enter a number here and it will apply that number, shifting the values of the frame column.

1) Press the  New Slider button to create a Value Slider.
2) After the Values block appears you'll see that values in the center column, the frame values (where you enter the frame number that the channel should reference) are all set to 0.0.  Change a couple of them to other numbers.
3) Select
Value in the Item List and the Value block will appear again.
4) Type a number into the P Shift field and press either or once.
5) Select Value_ValueSlider
in the Item List again and you'll see that now all of the numbers are shifted by the amount you entered in the P Shift field.  It will shift up or down, depending which button you pressed in step 4.

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