T o o l s

The Tools sub-tab is where you manage the linking of Tools to Targets.   The list on the left is still the Item List, and now the list on the right is the Tools List.

The following is a list of the current Effects, Tools and their related sub-Tools:

E f f e c t T o o l s u b - T o o l
Bloat Null --

Bone Deform





Curve Points




Flex Curve Curve Points
FlexMotion Curve Curve Points
Gizmo Player Null --
Gravity Null --
LagPoints Null --
Melt Null --
Metamation Cluster Cluster Tool
MorphBlender Cluster Cluster Tool
MotionBlender Value Value Slider
MotionDynamics Force Force Tool
Particles Force Force Tool
Puppet Master Cluster Cluster Tool
Soft Body Dynamics Force Force Tool
Spherize Null --
Super Blender Null --







-- Cluster --
-- Curve Curve Points
-- Force Wind, Jet
-- Light Directional, Point, Spot, Sphere, Panel
-- MetaEffector Effector
-- Null --
-- Procedural Sphere, Cube, Cylinder, Cone, Disk, Torus, Plane
-- Skeleton Bone
-- Slider --
-- Value Slider

A sub-Tool can only exist in relation to a Tool.  For example, you can not create a Bone (sub-Tool) without first creating a Skeleton (Tool).  Tools can, however, exist without a sub-Tool.  In fact, some Tools (the Null, for example) have no sub-Tool associated with them.

The Tools tab has two purposes.  The first is to allow you to move sub-Tools from one Tool instance to another (such as moving a bone from one skeleton to another).  The second is to allow the re-ordering of sub-Tools within a Tool when the order is relevant.


Tool (pulldown list): Select the Tool class that you want to work with.  For example, if you want to move bones from one skeleton to another, select Skeleton from here.

: Press this button after you have selected the Tool type you want in the pulldown list and it will add it to the currently selected item.

Moving a sub-Tool from one Tool instance to another:
To do this, select Tool you want to work with (use the Tool pulldown list), such as Skeleton.  This will put all Skeletons into the Tools List.  Now just drag the bones to whichever Skeleton you want them.  

Reordering tools:
For some Tools, the order of the sub-Tools linked to it is relevant.  Currently, the order only matters in the Curve Tool.  Changing the order of the curve points in the Tools List will change the order that the curve goes through the points.  To change the order, simply select the sub-Tool(s) and drag them to a new position.

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