T a r g e t    O b j e c t    O p t i o n s

Note: This panel appears when you have the Bone_Deform effect (purple diamond) selected in the Item List.

Weight Calculation (pulldown):  The options here are Factored or Direct.  This parameter affects the way that weights are calculated for the Skeleton attached to this effect.

     Factored will use the weights to control the standard bone mapping.  In other
     words, it uses the weights to influence, or fine tune the normal bone weights.

     Direct will ignore the bones' weight influence and instead use the weight field of the
     weight tool (such as MetaEffectors) only.

Target (pulldown): This tells the bone effect to act upon an additional object.  This could be used to "attach" an object to the surface of another object and have it move along with it.

Affect Axis Only: When this is off, the points are deformed.  When it is on, it affects either the position or rotation of the object but does not deform it.

Motion, Position, Rotation: Tells the bone deformation to affect all motion (move and rotate), just the position (move), or just the rotation.

Affect Before IK: Causes the bone deformation effect to be applied before the IK calculations are applied.

Use Pre Deformed Points:  Allows the Bone Deform Effect to take other effects into account which may be calculated before it.  For example, you might want to have a morph calculate before the bones.

Save Bone Weight Data:  Saves out the weight mapping data per point per bone.  This was designed for game developers but if you've got another use for it, go right ahead and use it.

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