Items  -  C l u s t e r    C r e a t e

A Cluster is a section of an object, or a separate object used for an effect.  Messiah will use only the point information from the cluster, not any polygonal or surface/texture information.

Load Cluster/Object: Click this to load the mesh you want to use as a cluster.  The file requester that this button brings up allows you to multi-select objects if you want, so you can load them all at once.

Delete All Clusters: Guess what this does?  (Yes, but it only does it for this instance.  So if you have several objects with a cluster-based effect, like Puppet Master, it will only delete the clusters for the specific Puppet Master instance that is selected.)

Pulldown list: Use this to select an object for converting to a Cluster if you already have it loaded in your scene.  Select an object, then press the button below.

Convert Object to Cluster: Pressing this will convert the object you have selected in the pulldown list (above) into a Cluster object.

New Slider: Creates a slider set that will be used to animate the morphs if you're using MorphBlender.

Note:  If you have more than 32 morph targets, just create another Value slider.  The limit per slider is 32 channels, but you can make as many sliders as you need.

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