R e n d e r      T a b

The Render tab is where messiah's texturing and rendering system resides.

Tip:  It's a good idea, especially if you are new to messiah's renderer, to switch the interface to "wide list mode," which you can do by pressing F3 or by clicking on the    gadget that appear on the right side of the header bar of blocks with "F3 area" things, or by dragging the list out, or, well, you get the idea.  The reason for this is that most of the blocks here have important options in that area-- more so than in other areas of messiah, or at least that are used more.

Right-click on the Render tab to bring up the Render tab context menu.

Render Preview:  Select this to render a preview of the current frame.
Render Frame(s):
 Select this to render the scene.

Update Current Sample:  Select this to update the current render sample in the Materials tray.
Update All Samples:
 Select this to update all render samples in the Materials tray.

Stop All Rendering:  Stop the current render.  This applies to the Preview render and the Scene render.

Reset All Render Params:  Resets the render parameters on the Settings an Output sub-tabs to the default.
Store All Render Params As Default:
 Stores the current render parameters on the Settings and Output sub-tabs as the default that new scenes will use.  You can use the above option to reset back to the original default settings.

Render mode has four sub-tabs, each with their own specific purpose and tools:  Surfaces, Materials, Settings, and, of course, Output.

Surfaces is where you make certain settings to the camera, objects, and lights.

Materials is where you will find messiah's Shader Flow for texturing your objects.

Settings is where you do things like set the antialiasing, illumination type (such as Global Ilumnination), etc.

Output is where you set the render size, the output file type, output path, etc.

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