M u l t i p l y     I t e m s

Clone:  Creates an exact duplicate of whatever is cloned, including its motion, etc.  You can clone just about anything, including hierarchies of objects and bones.

Mirror: Allows you to mirror an object, hierarchy, bone setup, etc. Mirroring will retain all animation from the item being mirrored in the newly created items.  Note: Mirroring happens along the X axis, so if you have a character set up facing down X instead of Z (so the left and right hands are along the Z axis) and you mirror the bone setup for an arm or leg, it will not do what you want.  Characters should be created and set up facing down Z.

Replace: Replace an item in your scene.  All of the animation, parenting, etc. will remain, but it will be applied to this new object.  Note: Replace will only work with objects, not lights, cameras, sliders, etc.

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