Clips -  V a l u e s

The Values block is tied in with the Motion Graph in the same way that the Motion Block on the Animation tab is.  You use this to set values for keyframes.

Name: Displays the name of the item whose channels are being displayed.

Key: This shows which keyframe is currently selected.  This is not a frame number, it is a reference to the number of keys.  For example, if your first keyframe is at frame 0, then that is Key 1.  If your next keyframe is at frame 30, that is Key 2.

Frame: This shows which frame the current keyframe is on.  It's also a quick way to move a keyframe; just enter the frame that you want the current frame to be on.

Don't Mirror:  Use this to set the selected item so it will not mirror when using the Mirror block on the Tracks sub-tab.

Channels (1-31): There are 31 channels per item that can be controlled with each clip.  Click on a channel number to have it appear in the Motion Graph.  The field to the right of each channel number shows the value for that channel at the current keyframe.

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