Tracks  -  F a c t o r s

The Factors block is a Mix value per channel (or a global "Master" value).   You might use this to increase or decrease the stride length of a walk cycle.  The numbers you enter here are multipliers.  So, for example, if you have a ball that is bouncing 1.5 meters in the air and you set the ypos factor to 2.0 it will make the ball bounce 3 meters (1.5x2=3).  If you set the ypos factor to 0.5 it will bounce .75 meters (1.5x0.5=0.75).

Use Factors (pulldown): Use this pulldown to select what type of adjustment you want to do.  The choices are:
        Master Only:  This will take one setting and apply it to all channels.
        Channels Only:  This will let you customize the adjustments per channel.
        Master & Channels:  This will apply the Master Factor and the individual
                  channel factors.   

Master Factor: This is the global factor adjustment.  It is available when Master Only or Master & Channels is selected from the Use Factors pulldown.

Channels: Use these settings to individually adjust the factor setting for the channels.  These settings are only available when you have Channels or Master & Channels selected from the Use Factors pulldown list.

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