S o f t    M a p p i n g

MetaEffectors can be used to define the area of a mesh that gets affected by Soft_Body_Dynamics (and some other effects).  The MetaEffector field only affects the surface that is set to be modified by Soft Body Dynamics however.  Also Soft Body Dynamics for a particular point is either on or off-- there is no in-between-- therefore it is best (for visual feedback) to use a field type of Constant for each Effector since all values greater than 0.0 will be treated as 1.0 anyway.  This is not necessarily the case with other effects or shaders, BoneDeform for example does use all values between 0.0 and 1.0 for a field.

Weight (pulldown): To set a MetaEffector as the Weight of a Soft_Body_Dynamics effect, select the desired MetaEffector here.

Auto Draw Map on Targets:  When this is on, the visual representation of the weight is reflected on the surface (when the mesh is in W shading mode).

Surface: Enter the name of the surface that you want to be affected.

Invert Map: Turn this on to invert the effect of the weight map.

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