M e l t

Note: This panel appears when you have Melt (orange diamond) selected in the Item List.

Melt Spread: This controls how big the puddle will be when the melt happens.  For example, a setting of  5  would create a very wide puddle, whereas a setting of  .01  would not spread out at all-- it would look like the object is just flattening.  This setting, as with all of the others here, is something that you should experiment with to get the exact effect you want.

Thickness: Sets how "thick" the puddle will be.  It could be thin and flat like water, or thick (tall) like pudding.

Blend Radius: Sets the look of the intersection where the melt happens-- whether it should be sharp or very rounded.

Blend Spread: Sets how much the melt will spread out at the "ground point."  There is no right or wrong for this setting (or any of these), it's just what looks good in your particular scene.

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