L a g P o i n t s

Note: This panel appears when LagPoints selected in the Item List.

LagPoints is a deformation tool that can mimic some aspects of other effects, such as Motion Dynamics and Soft Body Dynamics, but is much easier to set up.  The simplest way of picturing LagPoints is to imagine a piece of paper in your hand.  If you hold one end of the paper and wave your hand around, the free end of the paper follows the path of your hand but is slightly delayed, so it can make a waving motion.  With LagPoints the pivot point of the object will move "correctly" but the farther away the points are, the more they will lag behind.

You can use weight tools, such as MetaEffectors to control how and where the LagPoints effect will happen on your obejct.

Lag:  Sets the amount of lag. Weight (pulldown) This is used to select a weight field if you're using MetaEffectors or Curves.  They can control where the effect is applied and how much.

Use PointScan: This option is unnecessary when using LagPoints and will not have any effect on the animation.  LagPoints is not only a useful Effect, but is also a sample and tutorial for plug-in developers.  The "Use PointScan" option is part of the plug-in tutorial.  See the SDK documentation for further information.

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