Software Conception and Development:
Lyle Milton
Dan Milling
Fori Owurowa

Additional Development:
Ron Griswold

Initial GI Development:
Marcos Fajardo

Image Import and Export Code Provided By
James Jones

Documentation Team
Fred Tepper
- Documentation
Ron Griswold
- C Language Reference, Expressions, Functions, Scripting.
John Riggs
- "MorphBlender & Bones" and "Leg IK" Video Tutorials
Patrik "TeNgu" Westlin
- Advanced Slider Tutorial material, MAJOR Help System assistance
Marek Schneider - Clownfish page

Content Creation Team:
Fred Tepper
- Tutorial and Sample scenes.
Frank Aalbers
- Spider & Lazy Animator scenes.
- Spider legs model, Butch, Tia, and Doggy scenes, setups & objects.
Ron Griswold
- Wormler, Monte, and Clownfish rigs.
Glen Miller
-  T-Rex model.
Don Waller
- Don's Dino T-Rex animation.
Carl Davis
- "Charlie" and "Arm" scenes.
Geoff Suttor
- Hand model for Hand Slider tutorial.
Patrick Van Pelt
- "Dummy", "Hand Pose", "Juggler", and "Leg Cycle" scenes.
Thad Clevenger
- "Monte" object.
Richard "Dickie" Payne
- "Monte" textures.

Marek Schneider
& David Maas - Clownfish rigs
If we've forgotten someone please let us know!  (And sorry about it.)

Sales & Support Team:
Carla Molchan
- Sales, Distribution & Customer Support.
Paula Comensky
- Customer support, Dealer Support, Distribution
Fred Tepper
- Marketing, Cheerleader. Tech Support.
Lyle Milton
- Marketing designs and artwork.

The list of names we'd need to put here would be much too long to type (or read).  There are a lot of you to whom we owe thanks, and we appreciate all you've done, but we're not stupid enough to put all of your names here and risk leaving someone out (or spelling them wrong).

But there is room for this:  An extra special thanks to all of the users out there whose advice and input has helped messiah grow at such an unbelievable rate!

And thanks, of course, to the Academy and all of its distinguished members.

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messiah:animate, messiah:render, messiah:studio Copyright © 2000-2002 Fori Owurowa, Lyle Milton, and Dan Milling.  All rights reserved.

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