There are five different ways to pick colors in messiah.  In addition to two slider versions, a palette version and a swatch version, there is also an eyedropper tool.  Colors can also be directly entered in the numeric fields.


Color Picker Menu & Additional Swatch Options



Sliders:  RGB+A (Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha channel)



Sliders:  HSV+A (Hue, Saturation, Value, and Alpha channel)







Color Picker Menu:

  • Reset Swatches - Resets the swatches in the swatch tray  to the default

  • Save Swatches As Default - Save the swatch tray and keep it as the default

  • Save Swatches - Save the current swatch tray.

  • Load Swatches - Yes, you guessed it.

  • Append Swatches - Load saved swatches and add them to the swatch tray.

  • Get Only RGB From Swatches - Turn this on to ignore the Alpha channel from the swatches.

Note:  The Swatch Options are only available when in Swatch mode.


Color Pickers:

  • Sliders - Move the sliders (RGB+A or HSV+A) to make the color.

  • Palette - Click on a color in the palette, or click and drag.

  • Swatch - Click on a swatch color.

  • Eyedropper - Click on the eyedropper icon, then move your cursor over a color on the interface and click.


Note:  For Swatch and Palette, turn on HSV to see HSV numbers in the fields.


Creating a Swatch: Choose a color using any color picker, including the eyedropper and numeric entry, then click on an empty swatch.


Applying a Swatch:  Click on the color you want.


Deleting a Swatch:  Right-click on the color you want to delete.


Numeric Fields: RGB+A values are 0-255.  0, 0, 0 = black.  255,255,255 = white.

                         HSV+A values are:   H  0-360    S  0-100    V  0-100    A  0-100

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