C Language Reference for Script Programmers - Further Reading

Further Reading

These are just a few books that have helped me get a better grasp on programming in general.

C Programming                                                                                                                                                           

Practical C Programming             Steve Oualline              O’Reilly

ISBN 1-56592-035
This was my first book on C programming and it’s probably the best place to start. It focuses on a UNIX environment but nearly all of the book is totally applicable to other OS’s.


Beginning C Programming           Ivor Horton                  Wrox Press

ISBN 1-861001-14-2
I can’t remember when I picked this one up. It probably isn’t the best to learn from, but it’s a handy reference.


The Standard C Library                P.J. Plauger                  Prentice Hall P T R

ISBN 0-13-131509-9
This is a must have if you’re going to do any extensive C programming. This is most definitely a reference book but quite a good one. The author was on the committee that established the Standard C Library.


Mastering Algorithms with C       Kyle Loudon                O’Reilly

ISBN 1-56592-453-3
An excellent book that covers the common algorithms such as linked lists, stacks and queues. It also covers more advanced topics like data compression and encryption.


Windows Programming                                                                                                                                               

Programming Windows 5th Edition       Charles Petzold            Microsoft Press

ISBN 1-57231-995
This is pretty much the definitive guide to programming for windows. This edition is getting a little dated so look for a 6th edition soon (hopefully). This is a great book that really helps de-mystify the asinine architecture of the windows API. If you want to get into Windows programming, get this book and a bottle of aspirin.


Graphics Programming                                                                                                                                               

Here’s a collection of books that sits on my desk for reference. They’re really helpful for graphics programming, but they’re also really helpful for using the programs as well. I’m listing them in order of usefulness to me, their subjects may vary wildly though.


Computer Graphics                                   F.S. Hill, JR.                 Prentice Hall

ISBN 0-02-354856-8
This book is a little pricey but it’s worth it. It’s billed as a textbook for learning openGL, however it spends more time explaining 3D graphics than it does on openGL. So as a reference for openGL I’d give it a thumbs down, but for a CG text it gets a big thumbs up.


Texturing and Modeling - A Procedural Approach                  Ebert et al                     AP Professional

ISBN 0-12-228760-6
This is a classic book with contributions from very well known CG programmers like Steve Worley (Worley Labs), Ken Musgrave (Pandromeda), Darwyn Peachey (PIXAR) and Ken Perlin (as in Perlin noise). If you want to get into shader writing this is a great place to start, and if not it’s still a very good read.


Mathematical Elements for Computer Graphics                     Rogers & Adams          McGraw Hill

ISBN 0-07-05350-2
What can I say it’s a math book. If you don’t understand transformation matrices or curve and surface approximation then you should probably read this.


3-D Computer Animation                                                                                John Vince            Addison Wesley

ISBN 0-201-62756-6
I haven’t seen this one in the stores for quite a while so I’m not sure if it’s still in print. If you have no clue how 3D programs do what they do then this is a good book. If you already understand transformations and basic shading techniques then you can probably skip this one.


Advanced RenderMan                                                              Apodaca & Gritz          Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN 1-55860-618-1
This book is great if you’re into writing shaders for RenderMan. But it’s also great if you’re writing shaders for anything!


Open GL Super Bible                                                              Wright & Sweet           Waite Group Press

ISBN 1-57169-164-2
If you’re going to write anything that uses openGL, read this and keep it handy when you’re coding.


There are plenty of others, but this should get you started… and set you back a few bucks. I would add to the list all of the SIGGRAPH Conference Proceedings and many of the Course Notes.

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