(Top left of the Motion Graph-Dope Sheet)  The Active Edit pop-up lets you choose what items to perform certain actions on.  Click on it and choose from the pop-up list.   The Active Edit setting is used with things like the Create Key pop-up, Transform Key Range, Distort Key Range and others.  It tells messiah what you want to apply those actions to.  The choices in the pop-up are:

Current Item - Shows/applies to the current item only.

Descendents - Applies to the current item and its children.

Hierarchy - Applies to the current item and the entire hierarchy is part of (if it is part of one).

Group - Applies to the entire Group that the current item is part of.

Note:  Auto Primary Group - When choosing a group that is not the Primary, that group will automatically be set as Primary for the current item.

Selected Items - Applies to the selected items.

All Items - Applies to all items in the scene.

Use Item List - Applies to whatever is in the Item List (respecting the Item List Filter).

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